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Register cutting based on watermarks: the new RS 106X RC reel sheeter
The RS 106 RC is MABEG’s first reel sheeter with register cutting based on watermarks. This model marks the beginning of MABEG’s new, highly-specialised product line, which is used, for example, in paper mills for banknote paper, or in the packaging industry.

MABEG’s first stand-alone reel sheeter was delivered to a banknote paper mill to cut sheets precisely based on watermark positions. Here, the cut needs not necessarily be positioned relative to a standard register mark, instead, a camera system can also scan for a certain image detail in the water mark and use this information to determine the correct position for the cut. A sophisticated machine controller and highly dynamic drives allow various production modes to be used for register cutting.

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The automobile brake calipers (A) installed in the RS 106 at that time have been discontinued by the manufacturer and there are no replacements or repair kits available on the market anymore.
We have expanded our product range: From now on the MABEG MSP 54 is also available for direct connection to a leading customer machine, e.g. a finishing or printing machine.
The demand for large-format machines as gained a growing importance in recent years, so in the summer of 2018 MABEG could supply to the MBO Group again two new sheet feeders format 6, type MSF 6/145/165, for attachment to folding machines type T1420P with max. sheet width 1420 mm.
In addition to the proven MSP 106 for the 3B format (sheet width max. 106 cm), MABEG now also offers the MSP 54 in the maximum sheet format of 54 x 76 cm.