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Banknote and security printers

The MABEG MSP 106 offers banknote and security printers the perfect basis for sheet inspection and sorting. The MSP 106 can be equipped with banknote sheet inspection systems from almost any manufacturer, printing heads for sheet numbering and track-and-trace systems. This makes it possible to carry out transmitted-light inspection (e.g. with UV light) and reflected-light inspection of the top and bottom faces of the sheet at various wavelengths in one pass. The modular design of the MSP 106 allows the adaptation of the sorting and stacking steps that follow the inspection process to the customer’s specific requirements.

The MSP 106 is also perfectly suited to inspection and sorting tasks at paper mills, where it can be used to assure the level of quality required by banknote printers.

The MSP 54 model is available for the processing of smaller sheet formats. Applications include the numbering and coding of items such as tax stamps and visa documents.

In the case of existing special-purpose production setups, sheet feeders can be replaced or retrofitted in order to improve productivity and reduce costs. Working in close cooperation with you the customer, we develop tailored solutions based around a sheet feeder that matches your needs to the letter.

MABEG product groups for banknote and security printers at a glance:

  • Sheet feeders
    • As upgrades for existing (special-purpose) machinery
  • Sheet transport systems MSP 106 and MSP 54
    • MSP 106 for sheet inspection and sorting
    • MSP 106 for sheet coding
    • MSP 106 for track-and-trace technologies
    • MSP 106 for ink-jet printing
  • Service
    e.g. replacement of suction heads and sidelays
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