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Application example for track-and-trace and sheet coding on the basis of the MSP 106 – FO1 – TR - 1B1S – 1700

This configuration is often used in the area of luxury packaging.

In just one sheet pass without sheet turning, codes can be printed on the top and bottom of the sheet. The M5 module is the so-called overhead table. On this table, the sheets are perfectly transported under vacuum by a continuous high-precision conveyor, with full access at all times. This offers easiest accessibility even to the rear of the sheet and eliminates the troublesome task of moving holding conveyors when positioning the printing heads. 

The size option FO1 enables printed sheets in the size 3B to be transported either upright or in horizontal format. With this, barcodes always can be printed with inkjet printers in the optimum manner, i.e. at right angles to the direction of transport. The high-precision alignment station with monitoring of the sheet orientation ensures perfect positioning of the code on the sheet.

For increased product security, modern production systems often use state-of-the-art fingerprint or track-and-trace systems. Thanks to its high transport precision, the MSP is the ideal platform for fingerprint and track-and-trace systems. These achieve highest reading rates on the MSP, as a result of which unnecessary waste can be avoided.

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