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Application example for sheet coding on the basis of the MSP 106 – 1B1S – 1100

The configuration example shows an MSP 106 – 1B1S – 1100 for single-sided sheet coding with inspection and an option for ejecting bad sheets into a waste box. A typical application is the application of codes with immediate subsequent verification via camera systems and the ejection of sheets with defective codes. This configuration is used e.g. for tax stamps, visa documents and other specialist documents.

The MSP 106 – 1B1S – 1100 machine shown is configured with a maximum stack height of 900 mm (incl. pallet) as a line for small to medium-sized print runs. Of course, other versions of the MSP 106 – e.g. with a stack height of 1,500 mm (incl. pallet) – can be used for sheet coding.

The size option FO1 enables printed sheets in the format 3B to be transported either upright or in horizontal format. With this, barcodes always can be printed with ink-jet printers in the optimum manner, i.e. at right angles to the direction of transport. The high-precision alignment station with monitoring of the sheet orientation ensures perfect positioning of the code on the sheet.

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