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Application example: sorting station for paper mills, optionally with cross cutter

This MSP 106 has been specially configured and realised for post-sorting in a paper mill. The MSP 106 enables the inspection of dog ears and watermarks with the so-called TLI transmitted-light inspection module. Afterwards, the top and bottom of the sheet are inspected without turning the sheet – all in a single pass of the sheet. Depending on the installed camera systems, it is also possible to check security features in the UV or IR wavelength ranges.

The size option FO1 implemented here allows sheet sizes up to 1,060 x 1,200 mm (W x L) to be processed.

Another configuration option for the MSP 106 is in conjunction with the MABEG cross cutter RS 106. This creates a unique combination of a tried-and-tested cross cutter and a special sheet transport system designed especially for high-resolution inspections. The combined line offers outstanding flexibility and accessibility and is incredibly easy to adjust. As an option, the cross cutter can also be equipped with a camera-based register cut system. This allows sheets to be cut accurately to the required register based not only on visible cutting marks, but also on watermarks.

Another special feature is the fact that the cross cutter can be moved. As a result, this line also offers a “sheet-to-sheet” operating mode and can be used as an inspection and sorting line purely for sheet inspection. By moving the cross cutter into the sheet feeder, the operating mode can be switched over within the space of just a few minutes to “reel-to-sheet”. The paper reel is cut accurately to the required register, and the sheets are then inspected and sorted. Of course, with the aid of corresponding printing systems it is also possible to integrate sheet numbering, so that at the end an inspected sheet with sheet coding is available for track-and-trace systems. 

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