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Paper mills

MABEG offers compact, high-precision reel sheeters for short to medium runs at paper mills, and in particular for banknote and security paper. Their compact design and high level of automation minimises downtime between jobs.

MABEG reel sheeters can be fitted with an optional register cutter that ensures accurate cut positioning relative to a watermark or cut mark. If this option is selected, the sheeter comes with a full transmitted-light camera system for image recognition.

The MABEG MSP 106 inspection and sorting line offers an ideal platform for the cost-effective inspection and sorting of paper stacks. The MSP 106 can be equipped with banknote paper inspection systems from almost any manufacturer, printing heads for sheet numbering and track-and-trace systems. This makes it possible to carry out transmitted-light inspection (e.g. with UV light) and reflected-light inspection of the top and bottom faces of the sheet at various wavelengths in one pass. The modular design of the MSP 106 allows the adaptation of the sorting and stacking steps that follow the inspection process to the customer’s specific requirements. This enables paper mills to improve their own production processes and supply print shops with nothing but perfectly cut sheets. 

Tailored solutions combining cross cutters with register cuts, sheet numbering, inspection and sorting are available on request.

MABEG product groups for paper mills at a glance:

  • RS family of cross cutters
    • RS 106 RC – TT – 1S as a stand-alone machine
      optional register cut relative to a watermark or cut mark
    • MSP 106 RS cross cutter combined with the MSP 106 inspection and coding line
  • The MSP 106 sheet transport system
    • Sheet numbering/coding
    • Inspection and sorting
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