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Consistent progress through the use of state-of-the-art automation technology.

MABEG NewTec suction heads (sheet separators) represent a logical step into the future made possible by the use of cutting-edge automation technology. Based on the KAjector technology developed by Kasprich (patent pending), this new generation of suction heads combines the twin benefits of enhanced performance and reduced energy consumption.

The MABEG NewTec family of suction heads eliminates the need for controller drum assemblies and air control. Air hoses are therefore also rendered superfluous. The suction and blowing air required for each process step is generated inside the suction head itself using specially designed and controlled ejector nozzles (KAjectors).

These direct vacuum systems are controlled individually with the aid of an intelligent micro-controller, thus ensuring that energy is only consumed when suction and blowing air is actually needed. The integrated control software places almost no restrictions whatsoever on the flexibility with which switching cycles can be configured, thus enabling activation times to be fine-tuned to specific processes and machine speeds. This results in highly smooth operation and perfect sheet arrival throughout the entire speed range.

The aforementioned benefits not only make MABEG NewTec suction heads 50 % more energy-efficient and substantially less susceptible to wear than classic suction heads, but also open horizons for further performance enhancement and process optimisation.


  • Freely programmable timing
  • Extremely smooth running
  • Low energy consumption
  • No heat generated
  • Significant reduction in noise levels
  • 18,000 sheets/hour and more

We would like to thank the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) for supporting this collaborative project with funds from the ZIM programme for the promotion of innovation at medium-sized businesses.

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