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Print shops and the packaging industry
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Paper mills
Suction heads and sidelays

Sidelays and sidelay bridges

Range of application includes paper, paperboard up to special materials

Sheets are aligned at sidelays during a brief pause in sheet transport immediately before the sheet runs into the machine.

In addition to single pull lays, we also configure entire sidelay bridges for sheet alignment at left or right sidelays. The sidelays can be positioned to match the sheet width using servo motors. Pneumatic rotary plates can be used to support sheet alignment when processing sensitive print materials.

Potential substrates include paper, paperboard and a range of special materials. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

A brief overview of our product portfolio:

  • Sidelays
  • pneumatic
  • mechanical
  • Combined pull and push lays
  • Single sidelay units
  • for left alignment
  • for right alignment
  • Entire sidelay bridges including a drive shaft, push shaft, lattice grate and
    prepared for equipment with an automatic motor-driven format adjustment unit, or
    including an automatic motor-driven format adjustment unit,

each with - 1 left pull lay, or

- 1 right pull lay, or
- 2 pull lays (for either left or right alignment)

To overview lateral sheet alignment