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MABEG MST 3 sheet stacker

Fast format setting by EFA system

The MST 3 sheet stacker is the most widely used sheet stacker from MABEG. Not only does it offer outstandingly robust performance and complete ease of adjustment thanks to the EFA system, but it also impresses with perfect stacking quality even at speeds of more than 200 m/min.

The EFA system (Easy Fast Adjustment) is the central pneumatic locking device for all size-related adjustments on the sheet stacker. It allows the sheet stops to be repositioned directly at the required size without lengthy winding of crank handles.

Sheet sizes (W x L):

Minimum sheet size:
(all versions):                  300 x 300 mm²

Maximum sheet size:
Standard version:            1,060 x 830 mm²
with size option FO1       1,060 x 1,200 mm²
with size option FO2       1,060 x 1,450 mm² (format 6)

More Information

Further features of the MST3:

  • Precise stack formation thanks to individually
    controllable and adjustable lateral stops
  • Mark-free delivery even at high speeds thanks to sheet brake
  • Adjustable sheet profiling device for perfect delivery even of thin substrates at high speeds
  • EFA system: Central pneumatic locking for fast format setting
  • Series connection of several sheet stackers
    • For sorting
    • For NONSTOP operation
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Large grammage range
  • Strip inserter (optional)
  • Ionisation (optional)
  • Stack can be removed from three sides