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MABEG Customer Testimonials

With more than 500 employees, the GROUPE PRENANT makes innovation, investment and technological differentiation the driving force behind its development.
"Since 1956, MELZER has been manufacturing high-precision production equipment for the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics and public transport as well as modular production lines for the industrial production of plastic cards, chip cards, RFID cards and inlays, identity cards, e-passports, e-Visa stickers and RFID labels.
Bei der AUG. HEINRIGS Druck+Verpackung GmbH, Aachen, einem Mitglied der rlc packaging group, wurde die Installation und Inbetriebnahme einer MABEG MSP 106 erfolgreich abgeschlossen. AUG. HEINRIGS Druck+Verpackung produziert Premium-Verpackungen für Süßwarenhersteller und Kosmetik­marken.
"In August 2009, the MABEG Reel Sheeter RS104 was moved from the R 700 to our new Komori LS 440SP. Modification and Installation carried out by a team of Wesseler and MABEG proceeded without any problems. The machine was set up for full production within shortest time. With the MABEG Reel Sheeter, today we run material from 55g/m2 up to 200g/m2 at a capacity of up to 15000 sheets per hour. The performance of the equipment, easy operation, saving of material as well as the costs advantages when purchasing material on reels are unbeatable arguments for the use of this reel-to-sheet machine configuration...
The company Bromberger Packungen GmbH, Donaueschingen (Germany) has finally taken over the very first MABEG NewTec suction head after very successful test run
Ellerhold Witten GmbH is one of the best-known label printers in Germany. It is one of the group of innovative enterprises who value the many benefits of MABEG's RS-type Inline Reel Sheeters.
Friedrich Vereinigte Druckereien und Verlags GmbH & Co KG in Linz now produce economically right off the reel with a MABEG RS Reel Sheeter.
Installation of the second MABEG RS 106 Reel Sheeter has been successfully completed at Hofmann Druck Nürnberg GmbH & Co KG, a member of the Hofmann Infocom Group of Companies.
Extracts from an interview with Mr. Donald Caron, IML Labels, CanadaAs we can see, you have 2 MABEG ReelSheeters in production?“We are working with the MABEG Reel Sheeters for several years now, and I can say it was one of our best investments. It helps us to achieve higher throughput on our presses since we don’t have to work from a pile. Even the best sheet feeders generate a double sheet once in a while and with the MABEG ReelSheeter you don’t have these stops especially on difficult substrates.”What about the cost for the material? Web material versus piles?“With...
"The Mabeg Systems Rollsheeter is a real workhorse for us and has increased production by as much as fifty percent. The Mabeg Systems Rollsheeter has allowed us to run plastic materials that are virtually impossible to run from a cut pile."Ron Fariss (fifth from the left), Smyth Companies Inc. Virginia USA