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The flexible platform for medium sizes up to 54 x 76 cm

The MABEG MSP 54 has been designed for medium-size sheets up to 54 cm x 76 cm and is the ideal platform in this size range for inspection and sorting tasks or for ink-jet sheet coding (optionally in F-Format 60,5 x 76 cm available).

The MSP 54 is available in 3 different configurations:

  1. For applications from above with a single ejector into a waste box
  2. For applications from above with a double ejector and storage in cassettes
  3. For applications from above and below with a single ejector into a waste box

More Information

Brief description of the MSP 54

  • Minimum sheet size (W x L)     225 x 150 mm²
  • Maximum sheet size (W x L)    540 x 760 mm²
    Optional F-Format: 605 x 760 mm²
  • Material: Paper and paperboard 60 – 300 g/m² 
    Optional: 40 – 1,000 g/m² Available on request after technical clarification
    Optional materials: Plastics and materials based on the customer’s specification
  • Stack weigth sheet feeder:         850 kg max.
  • Stack weigth sheet stacker:       850 kg max.
  • Sheet transport height             1,100 mm
  • Stack heights sheet feeder          900 mm
  • Stack heights Sheet stacker        900 mm
    Including the pallet or stacking table in each case
  • Performance: max. 9,000 sheets/h (optionally 12.000 Bg/h) or 120 m/min (max. mechanical performance)
    The production speed depends upon the application, the substrate (type, paper weight, material thickness), the sheet size and the ambient conditions.

For information purposes only. We expressly reserve the right to make technical changes, even without prior notice.