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MABEG MSP series:

Lines for inspection and sorting, sheet coding and printing, track-and-trace

As a specialist of worldwide renown in the field of sheet handling, with the MSP series MABEG offers the ideal platform for sheet coding, printing, inspection and sorting tasks.

Unbeatable accuracy is combined with the kind of reliability even under harsh industrial conditions that MABEG machinery is well known and valued for. Our customers all over the world, which are often highly specialised companies, can confirm this.

Regardless of the camera or printing system used, high-accuracy sheet transport is the key quality factor for sheet coding, printing and inspection systems. Any inaccuracy or even uncontrolled movement of the sheet will lead to distortions in the print or in the image acquired. The consequence of this is that the available resolution potential of the inspection systems cannot be fully exploited, or even that good sheets are incorrectly being flagged as defective and discarded due to lack of precision in the sheet transport, which generates avoidable additional costs. For this reason, the MSP series offers outstanding precision in sheet transport via its unique web guidance and drive technology.

The MABEG MSP series at a glance:

  • MSP 106 for sheet sizes up to 1,060 mm x 830 mm
    and optionally up to 1,060 mm x 1200 mm or 1,060 mm x 1450 mm (W x L)
  • MSP 54 for sheet sizes up to 540 mm x 760 mm (W x L)


Inspection and sorting of paper and printed sheets

  • Inspection of the top and bottom of the sheet in a single pass
  • Inspection of UV and IR security features
  • Transmitted light inspection and watermark inspection
  • Misprints
  • Dirt
  • Colour defects, over- and underinking
  • Register errors
  • Cutting errors
  • Substrate defects
  • Check for completeness
  • Check of finishing
  • Check of Braille
  • Check of holograms
  • Check of microprinting
  • Sorting out defective sheets
  • Sorting by certain features

Sheet coding and printing

  • Numbering and serialisation
  • Bar codes and high-precision 2D codes
  • Individualisation and personalisation:
  • Customer data
  • Product data, e.g. country-specific text on packages

pre-printed on an offset press:

  • Security features, e.g. UV ink prints
  • Lot or serial numbers
  • Verification and check against a database

Track-and-trace technologies, e.g. fingerprint technologies

Thanks to the high precision of the sheet transport, the highest reading rates can be achieved here. This saves time and costs and avoids unnecessary waste.


  • Printed labels
  • Security labels
  • RFID labels
  • Optional: Attendance monitoring

Application examples

Application example for sheet coding on the basis of the MSP 106 – 1B1S – 1100

The configuration example shows an MSP 106 – 1B1S – 1100 for single-sided sheet coding with inspection and an option for ejecting bad sheets into a waste box. A typical application is the application of codes with immediate subsequent verification via camera systems and the ejection of sheets with defective codes. [Read more]

Application example for track-and-trace and sheet coding on the basis of the MSP 106 – FO1 – TR - 1B1S – 1700

This configuration is often used in the area of luxury packaging. In just one sheet pass without sheet turning, codes can be printed on the top and bottom of the sheet. The M5 module is the so-called overhead table. [Read more]

Application example: sorting station for printed banknote sheets, optionally with cross cutter

The tasks for a sorting station for banknote sheets are diverse and complex. This configuration shows a realised example of an MSP with a sheet feeder with manual non-stop and inspection options for transmitted-light inspection and inspection of the sheet top and sheet bottom, and it also features 3 sheet stackers.[Read more]

Application example: sorting station for paper mills, optionally with cross cutter

This MSP 106 has been specially configured and realised for post-sorting in a paper mill. The MSP 106 enables the inspection of dog ears and watermarks with the so-called TLI transmitted-light inspection module. Afterwards, the top and bottom of the sheet are inspected without turning the sheet – all in a single pass of the sheet. [Read more]