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MABEG stand-alone reel sheeter

The compact reel sheeter with optional register cut

At the request of our customers, the MABEG RS 106X – RC – 1S has been developed as a combination of the tried-and-tested MABEG RS reel sheeter family and the MABEG MST 3 sheet stacker: a highly flexible and compact stand-alone reel sheeter.

During the development of the reel sheeter, particular attention was paid to an open design and – linked to this – exceptional accessibility. This means it is possible to carry out extremely fast set-up processes and maintenance work. Together with the specially developed control system and the automatic adjustments, super-fast order changeovers are possible even with challenging substrates.

This approach is also carried over to the sheet stacker, which features the integrated EFA system (Easy Fast Adjustment). The EFA system is the central pneumatic locking device for all size-related adjustments on the sheet stacker. It allows the sheet stops to be positioned quickly and directly at the required size without lengthy winding of a crank handle or waiting for slow stepper motors to respond.

This interplay combines best accessibility, an intelligent control system and smart automation and delivers shortest set-up times that enable fast job changeovers.

As an option, the reel sheeter can also be equipped with a register cut system. Two different variants are available here:

  1. The register cut system is equipped with a typical cutting mark sensor, and the cut is made based on a defined cutting mark.

  2. The register cut system is equipped with a high-resolution camera system that uses the transmitted light method. With this, the reel sheeter can perform cuts based on cutting marks using transmitted light or directly using watermarks. It is ideal for processing security papers with watermarks or for banknote paper.

In conjunction with the MSP 106 sheet inspection and sorting line, this allows a unique combination to be created: Precise cross cuts (optionally in the register), and high-resolution inspection on both sides with transmitted-light inspection and sheet coding for track-and-trace systems.

More information about this version can be found under Banknote and security printers or Paper mills.

Brief description of the RS 106X – RC – 1S stand-alone reel sheeter

Web width

min. 500 mm – max. 1060 mm 

Cut-off length

min. 450 mm – max. 780 mm
optional max. 1.010 mm


Paper and paperboard 60 g/m² – 250 g/m²

other materials by request after technical clarification                                    

Reel diameter

max. 1.500 mm

Stack weight

max. 1.500 kg

Stack height

max. 1.500 mm


max. 12.000 sheets/h or 200 m (max. mechanical performance)

The production speed depends upon the application, the substrate (type, paper weight, material thickness), the sheet size and the ambient conditions.

For information purposes only. We expressly reserve the right to make technical changes, even without prior notice.

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