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MSF high-performance sheet feeders

High precision at maximum speed

What do we offer?

  • Sheet feeders, custom-built to specification
  • Small series
  • Licensed development
  • Sheet feeders for lab-scale machines

What makes a sheet feeder a MABEG sheet feeder?

  • Dependability
  • Precision
  • Reliable sheet separation and transport
  • Durability
  • Guaranteed spare part supply for decades to come
  • Continuous innovations
  • Our core component: the MABEG suction head
  • and new: the MABEG NewTec

The dependability of a sheet feeder during daily use is primarily ensured by reliable control over core processes – i.e. the separation and transport of sheets – and the use of powerful, robust electrical and mechanical components.

MABEG has been the technology leader in both of these areas for over 70 years . More than 120,000 MABEG sheet feeders sold world-wide underpin this claim.

We are proud of this tradition, and continue to supply cutting-edge sheet feeders of proven quality and dependability for a wide range of applications and sheet materials:

  • Paper
  • Paperboard
  • Security paper for certificates and banknotes
  • Sheet metal
  • Veneer sheets
  • Plates and sheets made of a huge variety of materials, e.g. laminates and cellulose plates

Throughout its long and successful history, MABEG has invented and successfully commercialized an array of innovations that now represent the state of the art. Examples include the electrical double sheet detector and the non-stop device. We constantly strive to continue this pioneering tradition, and it is with some pride that we are now able to offer our original MABEG sheet feeders in combination with both our classic suction heads and MABEG NewTec, our new sheet separation technology. » Purchase Inquiry

Each MABEG sheet feeder represents an individual solution to specific customer needs. The creation of a detailed requirement profile with the aid of a questionnaire enables us to tailor our sheet feeders to each customer’s exact requirements.

To give an example, customers ranging from prestigious OEMs to end customers who wish to upgrade their machines with our equipment can choose from a variety of drive concepts:

  • Direct drive with internal sheet feeder controller
  • Hook-up to a bus system
  • Direct drive with external controller
  • Transmission of power from the main machine using a toothed belt, chain or cardan shaft

Other features and options include:

  • Non-stop device
  • Suction feed board or roller feed board (depending on the sheet material involved)

For sheet transport and infeed:

  • Lateral sheet alignment (e.g. sidelay)
  • Double sheet detector
  • Double stack processing
  • Pre-stacking device

Fully automated versions are naturally also available:

  • Automatic format adjustment
  • Motor-driven lateral adjustment of the stack support plate
  • Front-edge or rear-edge control
  • Motor-driven automatic height adjustment of the suction head
  • Compatible with all formats
  • Compatible with substrates of all types
  • Compatible with all processes
  • Individual configuration and assembly: from meeting basic requirements to high-end automation 18,000 sheets/hour and more

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