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MABEG sheet stacker

For delivery stacks with clean edges

At MABEG, we understand that it is not only important what comes out at the end of the printing process, but also how it comes out – and this is where the MABEG sheet stackers come in, with their perfect post-production delivery.

Accurately stacked sheets and perfect pallets save time and therefore hard cash. Without the need for restacking, they can be provided directly to the next processing step, e.g. to a converting or cutting machine.

In this highly practical solution, the stacks are set down on Euro pallets or single-use pallets that are positioned on a support plate that is automatically lowered. This plate is lowered continuously down to a safety height of approx. 120 mm while the sheets are stacked. Further lowering can then be performed via manual controls. The finished stack can then be accessed from three sides and taken away with e.g. a pallet truck.

As your specialist for sheet handling, MABEG supplies sheet stackers in proven high quality and with innovative functions. It goes without saying that we are happy to implement individual adaptations to suit customer-specific requirements, e.g. in relation to the stacking height, infeed height or control system.

  • MABEG sheet stacker MST 3
    for sheet sizes ranging
    from 300 x 300 mm² to 1,060 x 830 mm² (W x L),
    with format option FO1 up to 1,060 x 1,200 mm²
    with format option FO2 up to 1,060 x 1,450 mm² (format 6)
    MABEG MST 2 sheet stacker
    for sheet sizes ranging
    from 225 x 180 mm² to 540 x 740 mm² (W x L)
    MABEG MST 2 sheet stacker SharkStack
    Specially developed for digital printing for sheet sizes ranging
    from 220 x 300 mm² to 780 x 1,100 mm² (W x L),
    with format options up to 780 x 1,200 mm² (W x L)

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