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Our new website is now online
It is our great pleasure to be able to present our new MABEG website to you.

New product groups, in particular for paper mills and security and banknote printers, have been included.

In addition to the customary navigation based on product groups, the site now also features portal pages for specific customer groups, such as machine construction companies, print shops, paper mills and banknote printers. This allows users to get to our latest products and their benefits for specific industry sectors directly and quickly.

All of the information about our products and services can also be accessed as before through a menu in the upper areas of the pages.

Our new website uses up-to-date responsive web design features and is of course adapted to a variety of display devices, so that you can navigate through the site and show all its contents easily on a desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.

Check out what’s new: we wish you an interesting and pleasant stroll through the MABEG world.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback and welcome praise and criticism alike. Just send us an e-mail to

Our sheet handling machines work just as tirelessly as leafcutter ants transporting their leaves.
Quality and customer benefits are already generated at the sales stage. Choosing the right product with suitable specifications – sometimes even saying “that won’t work” – is part of our mission and forms the basis for our long-lasting customer partnerships.
Aachen-based AUG. HEINRIGS Druck+Verpackung GmbH, a member of the rlc packaging group, uses a MABEG MSP 106 for applications such as coding, serialisation and fingerprint technologies.
The RS 106 RC is MABEG’s first reel sheeter with register cutting based on watermarks. This model marks the beginning of MABEG’s new, highly-specialised product line, which is used, for example, in paper mills for banknote paper, or in the packaging industry.