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MABEG RS ReelSheeter
Every day, more than 350 MABEG ReelSheeter prove their worth as workhorses in the tough day-to-day production environment on presses from all manufacturers. Today, the RS ReelSheeter family includes in-line Reel Sheeter in formats 3B, 6 and 7.

Inline ReelSheeter for printing presses
MABEG RS ReelSheeter (cross cutters) enable the use of usually much more cost-effective and easier-to-process reel stock on sheetfed presses. They have become indispensable in the processing of foils and label material as well as in lightweight printing.

Inline ReelSheeter with register cut
The medium-format ReelSheeter can be equipped with register cut RC and allow an exact cut according to the print mark, pattern or watermark. The most common applications are machines that process pre-printed reels, such as die-cutters and (banknote) printing presses.

Stand-alone ReelSheeter with and without register cut
The MABEG RS 106X -1S is a stand-alone ReelSheeter with integrated sheet stacker, which is characterised by its compactness and simple operation. The RS 106X - 1S can be equipped with a camera-based register cutter, making it ideal for paper mills and banknote printers who need to cut by watermark or cut mark.

High precision at maximum speed
For delivery stacks with clean edges
MABEG suction heads and sidelays are not only used in our own sheet feeders, but also offered to mechanical engineering companies for integration into their own machines.
MABEG celebrates its 75th anniversary (1946 - 2021)