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Suction heads and sidelays
Sheet transport lines for inspection on & sorting, coding & printing, track & trace

As the world‘s recognised specialist in sheet handling, MABEG‘s MSP series offers the ideal platform for
coding, printing, inspection and sorting tasks. Highest precision is combined with the reliability MABEG is known for. Reliability for tough everyday industrial use. Our worldwide and highly specialised customers confirm this.

The quality criterion for coding, printing and inspection systems, regardless of the camera or printing system used, is high-precision sheet transport. Any inaccurate or even uncontrolled movement of the sheet leads to distortions in printing or image capture. The result is that the available resolution potential cannot be fully exploited. During sheet inspection this can lead to good sheets being mistakenly identified as bad sheets due to insufficient precision in sheet transport, which causes avoidable costs.
This is why the MSP series features outstanding sheet transport precision thanks to unique belt guidance and drive technology.

There is a choice of the MSP 54 for medium format up to 54 x 76 cm sheet size and the MSP 106.
The MSP 106 allows sheets up to 106 cm wide to be conveyed, with maximum sheet lengths ranging from 76 to 145 cm, depending on the model. This means that not only can 3B sheets be conveyed in portrait and landscape format, but format 6 can also be covered. Both models have modular configuration options, allowing them to be optimally adapted to the task at hand.  

Every day, more than 350 MABEG ReelSheeter prove their worth as workhorses in the tough day-to-day production environment on presses from all manufacturers. Today, the RS ReelSheeter family includes in-line Reel Sheeter in formats 3B, 6 and 7.
High precision at maximum speed
For delivery stacks with clean edges
MABEG suction heads and sidelays are not only used in our own sheet feeders, but also offered to mechanical engineering companies for integration into their own machines.