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Large-format reel sheeters

Material cost advantages and smooth running for the large format

The MABEG reel sheeter family also includes models for large-format sheets. Here we offer the RS 142, RS 145 and RS 165 for the print formats 6 and 8.

Brief description


RS 142

RS 145

RS 165

Min. Sheet size
(width x length) 

600 mm x 600 mm

800 mm x 670 mm

800 mm x 670 mm

Max. Sheet size
(width x length) 

1.420 mm x 1.020 mm

1.450 mm x 1.060 mm

1.640 mm x 1.205 mm

Max. speed 1)

15.000 sheets/hour

18.000 sheets/hour

18.000 sheets/hour


3” or 6” shaft unwinder

6” shaftless unwinder

6” shaftless unwinder

Application range
Paper and paperboard:

60 g/m² 2) to 250 g/m²
or 0,04 mm to 0,3 mm

70 g/m² 2) to 250 g/m²
or 0,04 mm to 0,3 mm

70 g/m² 2) to 250 g/m²
or 0,04 mm to 0,3 mm

  1. Depending on print material, paper weight and ambient conditions 
  2. others by request

Subject to technical changes.

Large-format reel sheeters essentially have the same basic design as the RS 106. Large-format machines are generally set up in-line, as lateral movement of the unwinder is not possible due to the weight of the paper rolls.

The RS 142 is available with a shaft unwinder – very much like the RS 106. Expanding shafts with 3”, 6” and bespoke diameters are available.

The RS 145 and RS 165 models are offered with a shaftless unwinder. Mounts are available for various core diameters.

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